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Ally da Great

Story about:selfdiscovery, romance., fantasy romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#6069 in Romance
#411 in Dark fantasy

On Hold: 10 Mar 4 pages

Publication: 08.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Inferna"

Samara Fume's life was as average and boring as any other 12th grade nerd. She had no friends; no other obligation besides school and her father made sure that it stayed that way.

It was another average day at school for her when wind got to her that new transferees were about to join their school. Paying no mind to gossip, she didn't even glance at the door when Zack McKroy and his team of look alike thugs made their way through the hallways and unknown to her...towards her being.
"Inferna," Zack gasps, his eyes widening in awe Confusion orbits around me as I take a step back, turning my eyes to the ground.

"You''re mistaken," I whisper back, "My name is Samara."

Then without a word, I maneuvered around him and scurried the away to my next class.

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