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#144 in Action fantasy
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On Hold: 09 Oct 18 pages

Publication: 09.10.2020 — ...

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Description of book "Intertwined"

Two beings were forbidden by the laws of nature to be couples. It has remained like that for thousands of years until Mira met Higren, a Prince from an unknown kingdom. Their union cost Mira her life, and it produced the most powerful child the world has ever seen.

Meanwhile Elliet knew nothing of her past nor what she's capable of. She joined the Red falcons, a group of terrorists that steal from Kingdom officials.

One day, she and her friends were caught by the evil Prince. While they were about to be executed, the prince discovered that Elliet was the young girl who saved his life ten years ago. How can he save in the presence of the whole kingdom? And would she ever forgive him after everything he has done to her?


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