Book. "It All Started With "I Do!"" read online

It All Started With "I Do!"

Sanobar N

Story about:arrangemarriage, love and arrange marriage, husbandwife

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#24 in Contemporary Romance
#10 in Contemporary fiction

Ongoing: 07 Dec 90 pages

Publication: 22.11.2021 — ...

Description of book "It All Started With "I Do!""

Not every arranged marriage is forced.

Two people who started their lives together as strangers may find true love in each other.


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Shraddha Joshi
07.12.2021, 04:58:58

why I have feeling like its shock not surprise

Shraddha Joshi
05.12.2021, 06:54:23

I just love the hero...... he is so sweet

Shraddha Joshi
02.12.2021, 07:03:40

I just read chapter 4 sweet it's just a cute wedding. I am enjoying this

Rume Christy
01.12.2021, 04:10:39

Wow... not only is this story interesting but also stands as a source of encouragement, especially to me... with the teaching of not being discouraged in the phase of difficulties... this is quite timely... Great job ?

Glincy Varghese
29.11.2021, 06:37:20

The bond between husband and wife is much more stronger than money. Only thing is that they should understand each other. Not only in wealth but also in poverty that bond is not going to change anything. Love you both Adam and Hannah.You can go through anything. Together you achieve everything. Just need trust.

swati bagade
29.11.2021, 06:05:16

very nice story

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