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Lailah: The Milestone


Story about:love, revenge, sex

Age restriction: 18+

32 381

#544 in Romantic fantasy

Complete 202 pages

Publication: 03.03.2021 — 28.05.2021

Description of book "Lailah: The Milestone"

Following the shipwreck of Ja Lia in the sea...

Lailah continues in her seduction spree. But a part of her misses Ja badly. She misses him so strongly that she hurt.

But Ja Lia has been recruited by Poseidon to tame Lailah and return her to the sea.

Lailah is aware of the fact that Ja has been abducted by Poseidon and knows that nothing good is coming from that.

She prepares herself.

Ja Lia returns to earth, a changed man to discover that Lailah was pregnant with his child.

While he's caught in the claws of whether or not to believe the Seductress who has slept with almost all the village men, he thinks of the possibility of taking the life of his own child. First child.

But deep down in his consciousness, he knows that Poseidon has an eye on him.

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Yinusa Atinuke
04.06.2021, 23:14:23

Amazing book with amazing content an extremely interesting book with intriguing characters I highly recommend this book to everyone and also my compliment to the author he always deliver an interesting and fascinating content always.I love it

04.06.2021, 23:20:38

Yinusa Atinuke, Thanks, babe. I appreciate.

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