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Let Me Go

beast forced love

Story about:werewolf, human girl, its a dark romance

Age restriction: 18+

13 38

#218 in Supernaturals
#495 in Romantic erotica

On Hold: 28 Apr 7 pages

Publication: 26.04.2021 — ...

Description of book "Let Me Go"

"It has been three days, Why she is not awake?" Christian asked Witch Queen. Hearing King's impatient question. Amelia answered "I have done my job. Maybe it's taking more of her energy because she is a human." Letting out a sign Christian Caressing her smooth cheek.

"I hope your spell works. If not, I won' think twice making my beta a mateless. I rip you off". Amelia hearing clear warming from Vernon. She bowed her head in submission & gave an unsure reply "Believe me, I am ss-sure she will wake up soon." She knew they hold such powers which can destroy her in a flash of light.

Hi Guys. This is a Time-Travel, suspense, Supernatural story. A love tail of Triplets Lycaon Kings & a human girl (Beauty and beasts).


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