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Publication: 10.05.2019 — ...

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Elena a passionate Writer with a little daughter , handsome husband and a life everyone would dream of but still she is so sad till she started to get a letters from someone she has no idea who is he or what he really wants . who is that person and what Elena would do with him ? ...

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Precious Efut 18.05.2019, 13:43:19

What a hrt touching story

Alexis Danford 14.05.2019, 17:35:50

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Katie Von 12.05.2019, 17:00:41

great cover

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Ravza Özdil 13.05.2019, 16:34:50

Katie Von,

Ravza Özdil 13.05.2019, 16:34:32


Ravza Özdil 13.05.2019, 16:33:30

iyi ğ sonra yıkadıkdan ğ

Jenna Saren 11.05.2019, 21:57:48

congrats its cool

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