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Loneliness and Reconciliation (short Story; Complete)

David Rauenzahn

Story about:romance, short story, psychological

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#1179 in Romantic fantasy
#609 in Short stories

Complete 45 pages

Publication: 04.04.2020 — 29.05.2020

Description of book "Loneliness and Reconciliation (short Story; Complete)"

One night, at the age of twenty-six, Seth decides to take his own life. He hesitates as he stands on the edge of the bridge, he hesitates, but someone pushes him off. As he falls, beneath the pain and heartache he feels, his heart cries out that he doesn't want to die. He wakes up to find a dark-haired stranger standing over him who claims to be his daemon, his guardian spirit and the expression of all Seth ever wishes he could be in life. What ensues is an exploration into Seth's mind as the spirit, calling himself Damon, attempts to bring Seth to accept his past and reconcile the warring parts within himself so that he may learn to live again.

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Bosy Elselhdar
05.04.2020, 11:00:38

Thumbs up! Eye-catching Description. :) You should write more.

David Rauenzahn
06.04.2020, 01:53:44

Bosy Elselhdar, Thanks! Working on Dusk and Ash at the moment. Having difficulty pushing through writer's block, slowly but surely. I'll have to check out some of your work for research on romance themes :P

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