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Lost Magic

Raven Heart

Story about:witch and vampire love, werewolf, fantasy fiction

Age restriction: 18+

74 772

#4238 in Romance
#86 in Epic fantasy

Complete 163 pages

Publication: 18.02.2021 — 06.03.2021

Description of book "Lost Magic"

Kristine Reynolds fell asleep for 818 years in a painting. She is a well-known witch that surpasses her own kind. She is being haunted for one reason, she created a spell that has a capability to break the curse of the three clans. Therefore, the leaders of witches, werewolves, and vampires start to haunt her that lead her to put herself into a long sleep.

Damon Nicolas, a 3-clan slayer. A vampire who haunts any of the three clans who do evil things. He is one of the 3 pureblood vampires that is left in their clan. But he is the only vampire who haven’t taste a
humans’ blood. He is one of the lost recipes for that spell. And he will be the one to awoke the sleeping witch. Will love arose to this opposite clan and personalities?


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Juel Solano
18.02.2021, 15:03:25

i loved your book? what happens next?

Raven Heart
18.02.2021, 15:26:38

Juel Solano, Thank you! I don't wanted to spoil it but one thing that I can promise you is you'll find interesting things on my story. It will focus about the struggles of the witch in fitting to the new era, protecting her love ones and performing her lost magic. Have a nice day!

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