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Love Separated by The Atlantic


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Description of book "Love Separated by The Atlantic"

This story is a sequel to 'That One Flight', I recommend you read that story first (if you haven't) just for the story to make more sense :)

With the opening of the envelope James gave her, Ana is faced with a decision that does not need a second thought.

Through her decision may have brought her ease on the short run, how will she feel when reality kicks in and she realises that on their final day together, she might never see James again? James gives her hope, but her worry wins.

What will she do when James leaves?

This is really where she asks herself to whom she should listen to. Her heart or her mind.

She let him in, but should she - and more importantly, can she - let him go?

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Blessing mimi 08.07.2020, 23:37:32

Can't wait for more chapters

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Blessing mimi, :D :D. Thank you so much for reading!

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