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loving you is the biggest Mistake of my life

Cara mou

Story about:second chance, interracial love, arranged marriage

Age restriction: 18+

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On Hold: 11 Dec 41 pages

Publication: 21.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "loving you is the biggest Mistake of my life"

"Love", what a beautiful word! Whoever gets it his or her life becomes beautiful.

My life was filled with full of love which I received from my family but it was not enough. I always wanted to have a loving husband, kids sweet family of my own just like my parents have or just like any other woman.

But ...was it my fault to ask such thing, did I wish so much from almighty? I just wanted to be with a person who would love me unconditionally and the same way I will.

So why...why Allah gave that person to me, the worst, the cause of my pain, the destroyer of my life.


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