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Memories and life

simon 1982

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Description of book "Memories and life"

These poems are something new for me and are personal to me. These are things that are not usually spoken about by me. Some are just a little fun. Some are just made up.


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Ruechari guru
03.04.2021, 18:03:12

Your wonderful storytelling skills have translated themselves to your poetry. Especially with the poems Secret, Memories of life, and A Walk Home. There seems to be a bigger story to tell.

simon 1982
03.04.2021, 19:06:16

Ruechari, I just tried to tell really short personal stories I don't know if they count as poems to be honest,

Ruechari guru
03.04.2021, 18:05:15

I love A New Friend. My father always got me a new friend for Christmas. Even when I got older. Now that he's gone I don't get new friends anymore and I miss them and him.

simon 1982
03.04.2021, 19:05:10

Ruechari, I have started this with my girl and she loves it I get her one from build a bear so they are personalised for her and she looks forward to getting them now I'm sorry about your dad he has left you with constant happy reminders that mean a lot to you

Ruechari guru
03.04.2021, 18:09:52

Your poems are very thought-provoking. Like your stories, you present them in a way that makes you pause and think. Like Don't Judge and Mask but my favorite poem in this collection is Darkness. It's a feeling I am very familiar with and you explained it perfectly and you're right it is a feeling you have to experience in order to understand.

simon 1982
03.04.2021, 19:02:44

Ruechari, I guess you have to go there to know. it's not all bad just at the time.

05.12.2020, 10:40:05

beautiful poems especially the secret.
sometimes things and people are not what they seemed to be. What is important truly are those things kept hidden that only God knows and see..thank u for writing....

simon 1982
06.12.2020, 20:41:16

dreamweaver, Thank you

20.11.2020, 20:21:16

Your starting is really wonderful. Mine is "Love or Romance" You can have a look.

21.11.2020, 04:55:47

simon 1982, Thanks Dear.

Phoenix Still in ash
04.07.2020, 14:38:45


simon 1982
04.07.2020, 17:35:20

Phoenix Still in ash, thank you

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