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Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire Ceo

John Rice

Story about:son of the billionaire, single mother, ceo romance

Age restriction: 18+

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#22 in Billionaires

Ongoing: 20 Sep 35 pages

Publication: 15.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire Ceo"

Debby received a sudden text from her fiancee that he had anulled their engagement. Terribly heartbroken, she ran to her bestfriend's house to cry out her sorrow but she unexpectedly saw her fiancee and her bestfriend having s*x.

She felt like her heart was being butchured by an heartless murderer. Having no where else to run to, she landed in a club where she angrily and recklessly drank herself to stupor. She unexpectedly woke up naked beside a strange man.

She immediately parked her stuff and left the country. She came back five years later but with an handsome boy.

Her son soon got her in trouble by deflating one of the tyres of a super exorbitant car.

She didn't expect for the owner of the car to be her CEO and also have a striking resemblance with her son.


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Odette Arp
25.09.2022, 11:00:05

I like the story very much please update

Gena Elgie
23.09.2022, 08:38:08

I really like this book. I only have a problem with is you say she when it's a he. It gets really co fusing sometimes.

Uleh Bles Sing
21.09.2022, 12:06:30

A little boy can't do what Fred did and great story line but it's too fast

Christy Rume
20.09.2022, 14:59:10

awesome update and interesting story... just waiting for it to unfold... I don't know who's at the door... but I really hope Harry heard Fred and his mum's discussion about the DNA.. even apart from that, Harry is smart and has many connections... I want him to find out and know the truth... he could even pretend not to have known, just to see how long Debby is going to hide the child's identity.... please author make this story different from your other stories, in which the Men were ignorant of the child's real identity, even with their influence... please let him know in this story ... more updates plsssssss and thank you so much.

Fair Lady
18.09.2022, 20:59:49

Wow. Please update

Daniels Elizabeth
17.09.2022, 20:31:55

every chapter is interesting, please update a little more

Christy Rume
17.09.2022, 18:49:45

An amazing update author... thank you so much.. and please update more frequently... thanks again..

The story is amazing. Thanks for the update

Greeshma M
16.09.2022, 17:51:56

Thank you for such a amazing story, dear author

Angela Chen
16.09.2022, 15:22:15

Wow, I’m hooked to your story, looking forward to your next update! Keep it up, dear author! ;)

Daniels Elizabeth
16.09.2022, 09:49:07

awaiting morw updates. am loving every chapter. nice story author

Christy Rume
15.09.2022, 21:59:08

I love this story so much...I must thank you for such a beautiful write-up... but what I don't understand is that how come Edna has all the vital informations... Name of the hotel... the room number and the fact that she pretended to lost her virginity... I just don't get it author...