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Moon Touched Mates

CM Haine

Story about:werewolf, werewolfromance, fated to each other

Age restriction: 18+

13 59

#133 in Paranormal Romance
#26 in Erotic Supernatural

Ongoing: 10 May 25 pages

Publication: 11.04.2022 — ...
Contests: Bound by the Moon

Description of book "Moon Touched Mates"

Star crossed lovers Astreya and Jericho lost each other once, they have another chance, their very fates blessed by the Moon, but a darkness waits to devour Astreya, to claim her very soul. A darkness that has plagued them through time, and tore them apart once already. Faced with rival packs, crippling sorrow and a bloodthirsty enemy, will Astreya and Jericho find themselves mated as the Moon wishes, or will they be forever torn asunder?

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NM Lovely
05.05.2022, 05:28:53

I am enthralled by this story! It's amazing and so well written ❤️

NM Lovely
10.05.2022, 01:27:22

CM Haine, Thank you! ❤️

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