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Description of book "Mr Torture"

Natasha has a brother named Blake whose studing in Australia with his best friend .
Zack goes for a vacation to Fiji . There he comes across a girl -Natasha in the club .
When Blake arrived in Fiji he took Zack along with him to give a surprise to his family . But instead Natasha got her big shocking surprise .
What happens when Mr Knight comes face-to-face with Ms Woods ?
Join there journey of romance , heartbreak and happiness.


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Tabitha Mutashi
23.05.2021, 12:48:07

nice story

Beautiful princess
22.05.2021, 05:36:03

Nice!! Keep updating author❤

Beautiful princess
22.05.2021, 05:51:48

Pakki, Dono hehe .. but i'm getting interest and curious to read more abt this storyy ^_^

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