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My godmother's daughter as my sister. And her mother is my mother's elder sister. They were twins. They also have a little brother who is born after 20 years after them. A year elder than me. Our mothers are twins and my godmother also gave birth to a twins who is my elder sister and elder brother. I would never blame my godmother. Because she looks me as her own child and also my best brother and sister who takes care of me so well. And also our uncle who is of our age. We all grew up together. So we know about each other very well.

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Sahithya Harini 27.02.2021, 16:21:03

can all the readers read this book and comment on it. please only by your comments I can write more to impress you all. so please please please do comment on it

Selvam S 17.02.2021, 15:03:03

you are good in writing

prabha 14.02.2021, 16:33:26

don't worry you are skilled in writing. Hope the story would be interesting after more updates.goodluck

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Sahithya Harini 15.02.2021, 12:23:32

prabha, Of course thank you so much

Sai sherlin 14.02.2021, 08:13:15

Don't think of your self down. I like your book dear. Keep confidence in yourself. Waiting for further updates

The last comment in the thread:

Sahithya Harini 15.02.2021, 12:23:08

Sai sherlin, Thank you and I will try

Sahithya Harini 14.02.2021, 08:07:58

please comment on my book even if you all don't like it. I want to know your thoughts about my book. please

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