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Book. "My Cousin, My Enemy." read online

My Cousin, My Enemy.


Story about:love, islamic love story, arrangemarriage

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#866 in Fantasy
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Publication: 01.05.2022 — ...

Description of book "My Cousin, My Enemy."

'I never thought that the person i despised the most will become my husband. I was still so shocked that everything, it happened in such a short time. I Laila Asim never thought that i'll marry my enemy, my cousin'.

Heylo Everyone! This is me Warda writing a book for the first time!!. I can not believe that my craziness for novels will lead me here, As this book is my first book I hope you guys will cooprate with me by ignoring my grammitcal mistakes as English is not my first language but i'll try my best here
do give me ideas so that i can make the story more interesting.
Thank You For Reading This Book I Hope Ya'll Enjoy Reading It!♡. Author of this book Warda♡.▪


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Warda Tahir
26.05.2022, 14:07:21

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Warda Tahir
26.05.2022, 14:06:56

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