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My love my billionaire

J O Benedict

Story about:romance, family, billionare

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On Hold: 12 Nov 24 pages

Publication: 05.11.2020 — ...

Description of book "My love my billionaire "

“So what now?” Maria tosses an empty coca-cola can in a waste bin accommodating rays from the street light above it.

* * *

Maria Ali had just ended things with her boyfriend of four years and her career as a media influencer might as well be at stake thanks to the rumors her ex boyfriend dropped online.

Maria never imagined she’ll find love again and not just from anyone but the owner of the beautiful mansion she had always stalked every morning.

* * *

Dayo is a Multi Billonaire who has been in love with a younger girl he met while he was at the orphanage. They separated after different families came for them.

Later on fate brings them together but will their family and work differences stop their love from blossoming?


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