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Description of book "My Mute Wife"

Shehnaaz a girl who lost her mother and her voice on the same day. On that day everything changed upside down. Her loving father changed after her mother's dismissal. A lady she thought who gave her motherly love changes into a meanest stepmother.

A business contract changed her life upside down. When she got married to her ruthless husband. Who didn't care for or her feeling?

Is he ruthless?

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Sweet Girl 07.03.2021, 19:57:29


Sweet Girl 06.03.2021, 11:50:33


Dr-Hana Khalid 05.03.2021, 12:12:24

Finally looks like there is going to be a happy ending

Dr-Hana Khalid 05.03.2021, 12:11:34

How many more chapter are left of this story?

Dr-Hana Khalid 05.03.2021, 12:11:11

Amazing update looks like story is going towards its end

Tanuja Panda 05.03.2021, 09:23:07

You are a amazing writer

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KokoRao 05.03.2021, 11:06:16

Tanuja Panda, hahaha thanks

Dr-Hana Khalid 04.03.2021, 21:20:15

Amazing update finally things are going to sort out between sid and naz

Rashmi Arora 03.03.2021, 07:58:07

beautiful story. always waiting for update

Dr-Hana Khalid 03.03.2021, 05:37:38

Kindly try to update daily

pritika patel 02.03.2021, 19:04:51

in starting you are always update whenever story is very interesting track you take so much time for updates

pritika patel 02.03.2021, 19:03:52

can you please update author

Dr-Hana Khalid 02.03.2021, 17:06:05

When will be the next update?

Sweet Girl 01.03.2021, 19:13:16

I'm also sidnaaz fan story is superb ???

Dr-Hana Khalid 28.02.2021, 12:11:13

The start of the story was simple and gripping make end of the story simple and happy ending with no family drama

The last comment in the thread:

KokoRao 01.03.2021, 15:45:56

Dr-Hana Khalid, yes even I am not a fan of drama

pritika patel 01.03.2021, 10:51:41

and please update

pritika patel 01.03.2021, 10:51:26

very beautiful story

Olori Ogunaike 01.03.2021, 09:11:48


Tanuja Panda 28.02.2021, 19:00:28

Really a great story without confusion. I like it very much

Dr-Hana Khalid 28.02.2021, 12:10:03

Make sid and naz finally together we want happy ending the story is getting prolonged try to make it short

Olori Ogunaike 27.02.2021, 16:30:35


Dr-Hana Khalid 27.02.2021, 12:14:26

Kindly try to update daily

Tilda Morte 24.02.2021, 18:59:21

and one more thing I don't understand is that how come flight travel time from Pune to Mumbai is 2-3 hours? coz by road it is 2hrs and by flight it should be much less.

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The last comment in the thread:

Tilda Morte 25.02.2021, 16:48:44

KokoRao, it's fine. take care.

Olori Ogunaike 25.02.2021, 09:17:50


Sweet Girl 25.02.2021, 09:01:45


Sweet Girl 25.02.2021, 08:49:36


Tanuja Panda 25.02.2021, 08:49:27

Nice turn in story.plz update soon

Dr-Hana Khalid 24.02.2021, 19:50:22

Kindly try to update daily and post long updates

pritika patel 24.02.2021, 19:26:45

I am eager know next update please fast author

Tilda Morte 24.02.2021, 18:54:49

there are too many grammatically errors in the recent updates. Before it wasn't so much but it has increased considerably.

Arifa Kazi 24.02.2021, 18:50:36

take care of urself lots Almighty Allah bless u

Arifa Kazi 24.02.2021, 18:11:18

taking very long to update nowdays

The last comment in the thread:

KokoRao 24.02.2021, 18:42:37

Arifa Kazi, I am not well from few days.. sorry

Dr-Hana Khalid 24.02.2021, 15:54:54

Waiting for next update

Aisha Siddiqua 24.02.2021, 09:39:21

Waiting for next update

pritika patel 23.02.2021, 21:47:53

please update dear author

sanya idnani 23.02.2021, 17:30:05

can be ddd

Olori Ogunaike 22.02.2021, 21:16:24


Natasha Kashania 22.02.2021, 10:02:02

there's is more sidnazz story 9n this app

Ikraan Cabdirisaaq Ali 22.02.2021, 01:01:42

i hope they solve their issues and get back together

Madhuri 21.02.2021, 21:44:20

yes both should be together

Dr-Hana Khalid 21.02.2021, 21:40:14

Nice update

Sweet Girl 21.02.2021, 19:13:16


pritika patel 21.02.2021, 05:59:59

author update please

Divija Muppidi 19.02.2021, 19:24:02

Hey koko!! I absolutely adore this story but I have to tell you a negative thing. I understand that a lot of effort goes into writing a story but I'm going to point out a flaw. In the beginning of the story your grammar was not so bad, it was going good. Now it seems to be getting bad instead of improving . Don't be sad when you read this because from a reader's perspective grammatical errors are sometimes annoying. All the best. Please take it in a positive way, it's just constructive criticism.

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Divija Muppidi 20.02.2021, 12:09:24

KokoRao, that's awesome.!! I was a little worried that u might take it in a bad way. All the best. Keep up your good work.

Olori Ogunaike 20.02.2021, 10:44:20


Dr-Hana Khalid 19.02.2021, 20:55:19

Kindly we want happy ending no sad ending dear author

Tanuja Panda 19.02.2021, 19:20:07

Nice chapter

Nada Yousry 19.02.2021, 17:48:35

Amazing chapter

Nada Yousry 18.02.2021, 13:21:25

very nice chapter

Sweet Girl 18.02.2021, 12:26:46

It's beautiful you narrate the story emotions are very nice

Arundhati Sengupta 18.02.2021, 05:05:22

Such a small chapter author :(

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