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No Matter What.

Hira Baig

Story about:billionaireromance, forced, agegap

Age restriction: 18+

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#2306 in Billionaires
#995 in Contemporary Romance

Complete 188 pages

Publication: 01.10.2020 — 13.01.2021

Description of book "No Matter What."

Cassandra Wolf is a very smart, intelligent and very beautiful lady who works for one of the best technological companies in New York City. She became friends with her boss' daughter Iris and She never knew that Iris' only brother, Christopher Hunt, actually loved her deep in his heart. She was happy with her life. Until one day, her life became hell when she got kidnapped by a hot and handsome billionaire Hendrick Black. Hendrick Black is a monster who wants to cage Cassandra forever for himself. Will Cassandra ever be able to live in peace? Will she ever find someone who will love her unconditionally?


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Yasmeen Khaleel
15.01.2021, 13:41:29

Now at the turning point it is a paid book,this is not done

Abiramy Bharathi
14.01.2021, 14:25:59

Just few more pages to finish and all of a sudden it’s a paid book

Helen Hcf
09.11.2020, 16:11:42

Next episodes please! Waiting for the update. Thank you...luv your stories...great!

Hira Baig
09.11.2020, 18:22:15

Helen Hcf, aww thank you. please follow me if you like my stories :)

Len-len Tirados
10.10.2020, 00:27:38

Following.....can't the next episode

Hira Baig
10.10.2020, 01:01:21

Len-len Tirados, thank you, I will update it soon.

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