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Book. "Not So Ordinary" read online

Not So Ordinary

Ji Na Coel

Story about:human trafficking, fbi, age gap romance

Age restriction: 18+

11 44

#48 in Action thriller
#59 in Crime fiction

Sample 11 pages

Publication: 06.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "Not So Ordinary"

This story revolves around the life of 4 different people:
Sara: a high schooler with a conservative personality who’s good at only one thing; studying, but she studies well only to maintain her reputation as “the genius one” with no aim in life.
Next comes the heartbreaker, Elijah: a college dropout, during his first year in college he changed his major 5 times and then finally left college; his father being a very laidback person wasn’t affected by his son’s antics.
Then comes Charlotte: age 33, a doctor, she had spent all her 20s paying her student loans but is still in debt because of his father’s health condition.
And in the end, comes Mr. William: a schoolteacher, who had been teaching the same subject at the same school for the past 10 years.
Wait and see how their life connect


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