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Not Yet Not Ever

Scarlett Kim

Story about:baby, billionaire, mafiaqueen

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Ongoing: 08 May 21 pages

Publication: 16.04.2022 — ...

Description of book "Not Yet Not Ever"

I let him play with me hoping one day he will start loving me. I was just a pawn in his game but enough is enough darling.

Time to queen to take over . the devil Esther. A Fucking mafia queen.

Esther florencé, she was reborn and had a cute five year old daughter and her father is Lucas. she don't know from where the child come but she have her daughter she protect and love.

And she has no intentions to let Lucas enter her life again.

Her daughter Bella, she always dreamed to have a father and what if she found one?

And that's also none other than billionaire Lucas Carter.

Bella is stubborn as hell and she wouldn't stop until she got Lucas as her daddy.

Don't underestimate her.

Will they finally have happily ever after?

Hard to say but we can hope.....


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Riya Meghani
19.05.2022, 07:54:12

Hey Author,
When's the update?!

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor
16.05.2022, 10:58:30

i really love the flow of the story...but i need to read the 1st book for my better understanding...but I'm waiting for the next update here lol...;-))

Scarlett Kim
16.05.2022, 11:15:30

Eva Celeste Kyamko Villamor, You are right. 'For now.... Forever' is a must read to enjoy this book. I will update next chapter soon ^_^

Obinna Ifechukwu
09.05.2022, 11:23:24

Keep it up author

Riya Meghani
08.05.2022, 11:37:33 reallyyy have a creative mind..
I liked the story

Richa Meghani
07.05.2022, 04:05:56

I loveee itt..can't wait for the next update!!!

Richa Meghani
08.05.2022, 03:17:12

Scarlett Kim, Thankyou!!

Riya Meghani
06.05.2022, 11:41:41

Omggg, this is so amazing..i can't wait for the next twist!!

Richa Meghani
27.04.2022, 02:05:05

Nice story!
Keep going..

Siya Kumari
22.04.2022, 20:07:17

Lucas don't deserve this queen he can't even match her standards he already show stupidity by cheating on her.....and that was last straw we need second ml Bella's other father...smarter and better than Lucas who think from his brain not from his dick like Lucas....

Scarlett Kim
24.04.2022, 17:20:01

Renu Singaria, Honey it's unfair to judge any character of this book when there's only two chapters are released. Be patient and I assure you want to regret it ;-)

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