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Now I know

Zephyr Ramirez

Story about:
depression, mentalhealth, socialanxiety


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Description of book "Now I know"

It was a game of power, power over me. A power that drove them to crave more. I struggled to keep up, only to fall behind once again. I gave and gave and gave, but not once did I get anything in exchange... maybe that's why I feel so empty inside. I gave myself away to a ton of backstabbing, fake friends, who were only there when they needed me. "Being someone your not, then showing your true self, shows the real extent of what someone is willing to accept.". Now I have scars, scars beyond repair that no one can see, and I lied to cover up the shattered pieces inside me. But for me, those lies, they both helped and destroyed me. They allowed me to see clearly, now I know... that trust is a token, not a gift. They destroyed everything I cared about, but they rose me up from the ashes, anew.

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Lewis Ducote 26.02.2020, 17:17:36

Hi! When do you update your book?

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