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Opossum Prince

Jessica Wright

Story about:fantasy, romance, adventure

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#251 in New Adult & College
#282 in Romantic fantasy

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Publication: 06.05.2019 — ...

Description of book "Opossum Prince"

Bernice was just a regular country girl, content to work her family's farm for the rest of her life. That is...until she finds an injured opossum and decides to make him her pet. When the animal turns out to be more than he appears, Bernice winds up swept away on a quest to rescue a captured prince. Can she return him to his kingdom and manage to make it home without her peaceful world collapsing?

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Benn. C 07.05.2019, 17:20:34

I like it. great writing, straight forward plot and snarky characters. great job.

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Benn. C 08.05.2019, 01:19:35

Jessica Wright, I will. lol

Benn. C 07.05.2019, 17:13:03

fuuuckkkk my name is Bernice

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Jessica Wright 07.05.2019, 23:58:48

Benn. C, That's fantastic!

Eva May 06.05.2019, 19:08:15

it sound like a story about the prince frog lol

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Jessica Wright 06.05.2019, 22:37:22

Eva May, I was going for that a little

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