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Okay so there is the seen in MOS while Clark is exploring the ancient Kryptonian space ship, a holographic Jor El (Russel Crow) appears and introduces himself as Clarks father or at the most his conciseness. Jor El’s conciseness talk’s about how long ago there was an era of expansion in which his people sought out other worlds to make them into suitable habitats.
My concept correlates with the time Jor El is referring to. It begins with the mother of our heroin; a pilot needing rescue after her ship malfunctions or has been severely damaged. She crash-lands on the near planet Daxam. Her life is saved by a solider who is later falls in love with her and becomes the father to our heroin.
The Ruling body of Daxam is a fascist group known as the Sorrow Cult. They are

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Joe Marh
20.06.2019, 23:33:06

let's see the development of the story

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