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Book. "Orphic" read online
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#2727 in Romance
#272 in Thrillers & Suspense

Ongoing: 15 Mar 67 pages

Publication: 30.07.2022 — ...

Description of book "Orphic"

His breath got stuck in his throat as he held the pen above the paper, his eyes searching the room in hopes of having at least a glance of her face.
"Answer the maulvi" his father spoke.
"Son" his mother pestered from his side.
His eyes landed on Hiba's expectant ones. She looked from across the veil questioning his delay.
He shook his head as he placed the tip of the pen on the paper, a single stroke formed on the paper but that very moment a frantic Ayan ran in the room.
"Turn on the tv right now" he yelled making Hamza to oblige right away.
"There had been an accident on the motorway car LEB-780 has been hit by a troller on its way out of the city, the hit has caused an explosion rendering the passengers severely injured and in critical condition-"
This can't be...
She can't —


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