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Description of book "Poison Garden"

In a world where the occult is strictly forbidden, a practicing witch is a rarity. While most in her order have let the art die, Doris Gibby is much too stubborn to put her gifts away on a shelf to gather dust. Granted, she isn't doing any real magic. Doris mainly uses her spells to do a little cooking and tend to her garden. That is until she falls under the scrutiny of the brooding Inspector Maks Bryns. With her life and livelihood on the line, what is a poor witch to do? Doris decides that it's time to roll up her sleeves and tighten her corset. She must seduce the nosy inspector or poison him, whichever comes first. As the pair begin to fall in love, their relationship is put to the test when a necromancer, fueling his dark magic with death, arrives in Olde Wynned.

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kpwrites 20.02.2021, 19:00:32

Definitely a stand out!

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LadyoftheTrashPond 22.02.2021, 11:22:40

kpwrites, Thank you so much for the kind words!

Kathy Watkins 15.02.2021, 21:46:28

As a fan of paranormal fiction, I am loving this paranormal romance!! There is definitely chemistry between Doris and Maks. Waiting to see where it leads!

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LadyoftheTrashPond 18.02.2021, 14:59:19

Kathy Watkins, Thanks for reading and reviewing! There’s definitely more to come between Doris and Maks! Glad you are enjoying it so far!

Chibi Cazielle 18.02.2021, 11:03:27

This is wonderful! While I was reading it, I felt the same thing when I was reading Harry Potter books - well, I'm a sucker for these kinds of story. Though it doesn't have that broomstick and wand scenes, which maybe you'll include in the future, I can see Doris as a fully bloomed witch who can do a lot aside from using light magic, a woman like Hermoine in my mind. The way you wrote the story made me imagine what they were doing. I was able to imagine the places where she's been too, like her house and the black market. Anyway, I can't wait for Doris and Maks's love story to bloom! Keep writing and have fun as always!

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LadyoftheTrashPond 18.02.2021, 14:57:30

Chibi Cazielle, Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I’m glad that the writing gave a clear visual depiction of the character’s world! And Harry Potter is definitely high praise for the kid who waited in supermarket lines for the next book release haha! Doris definitely has a lot more magic up her sleeve, and I’m glad that’s hinted at. Thanks again for reading!

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