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Poison Garden

Jocelyn Black

Story about:witch and human, dark fantasy, romantic fantasy

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#145 in Fantasy
#52 in Paranormal Romance

Complete 160 pages

Publication: 04.02.2021 — 27.04.2021
Contests: Beauty and the Beast

Description of book "Poison Garden"

What is a poor witch to do when she catches the eye of a handsome Inspector for the Department of Magical Misuse? Maks Bryns is hellbent on unraveling all of her secrets, but what will he choose to do with them if he does? In a world where witchcraft is punishable by death, Doris Gibby decides that it's time to roll up her sleeves and tighten her corset. She must find a way to rid herself of the nosy inspector or poison him, whichever comes first. Plans go awry when a necromancer begins to prey upon the village, raising hellhounds and leaving a trail of dead prostitutes in their wake. Can Maks and Doris solve the mystery before it’s too late? And will they lose their hearts to each other in the process?

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28.06.2021, 11:10:03

Buy this book, you won't be disappointed. For the record, I actually tried to purchase this book. I had some trouble with getting my card to be accepted, I tried debit and mastercard. Still no dice. So not sure what I was doing wrong, but I wanted you to know I liked it so much I was willing to buy it!

29.06.2021, 19:49:57

Jocelyn Black, I didn't see that one, I'll have to look for it. Also not sure why I'm getting two posts for the price of if you see deletes, that's why lol!

Jen Edmonds
12.06.2021, 04:48:03

Is the cover of this one you? It looks very much like you :)

Jocelyn Black
12.06.2021, 05:35:26

Jen Edmonds, It's not me, but thank you for the compliment (◕‿◕)

Rupsa Roy
13.05.2021, 08:52:47

I love your writing style.Doris and Maks are such a nice pair. Thank you for writing such a lovely story.

Jocelyn Black
13.05.2021, 14:28:48

Rupsa Roy, Thank you so much for the kind words! I so appreciate you reading and leaving feedback on my little story!

Moumita Dutta
12.05.2021, 09:07:48

I finally realised why Doris was so against Maks but I know they will fall in love soon. The details were so perfect I could see the scenes before my eyes only by reading. I feel like Ada might be playing a great role in the future chapters. Although Maks is a little bit cheeky for a cop but it feels fun when he teases Doris. (≧∇≦) It's a great story author.(*^^*)(*^^*)

Jocelyn Black
13.05.2021, 05:16:49

Moumita Dutta, Thanks so much for reading!! I so appreciate you leaving such kind feedback! Maks is definitely cheeky, but I love him anyway haha. Looking forward to finishing your book, I have been cruising through it!

Patricia Salvo Babiera
06.05.2021, 09:12:07


27.04.2021, 19:37:27

Just finished reading the book I hadn't before I congratulated you on finishing it. I know what a huge success this is, I hadn't finished a book either before entering the "My love, My billionaire contest." Poison Garden was an entirely great read, and I loved the ending. Congrats again, and good luck with the contest.

28.04.2021, 01:57:47

LadyoftheTrashPond, No problem. Speaking of advice, have you marked your book complete yet? If not, you access that feature by going to the book cover area, there are two tabs on that page. Under options near the bottom, that's where you select the complete feature.

Elva Carrillo
26.04.2021, 10:22:34

I'm sad this is coming to an end, im going to miss Doris and Maks. I loved reading their adventure so much.

Jocelyn Black
27.04.2021, 17:35:56

Elva Carrillo, So glad you like the new version better! I love Maks as well and it didn't seem fair to leave him out. Updating the last chapter now...

Наталия Арчер
26.04.2021, 05:03:57

I want to admit, that this cover is the best. So lovely!
I'll start reading it soon. The annotation is utterly intriguing. :)

Jocelyn Black
26.04.2021, 15:45:48

Наталия Арчер, Thank you so much! I'm excited to get your opinion on it!

25.04.2021, 22:50:12

I love the new cover. Still reading this, still very good, and it hasn't fallen apart in any way, shape or form as you press toward the finish of the contest. Are you part of the writers club on Facebook? Maybe they could advertise this over on the main page. I noticed some of my reads picked up after they did this. This should be in the top ten, in my opinion.

Jocelyn Black
26.04.2021, 03:31:01

SESaunders, Maybe I'll try the joint tag and see where it leads. I might try to post some art for it on Instagram and see if I can pull in more interest there too. In my spare time (laughs then cries). Thanks for the helpful suggestions and reading!

Наталия Арчер
10.04.2021, 20:42:24

Thanks for the link! :)

Jocelyn Black
14.04.2021, 06:04:17

Наталия Арчер, You're welcome!

Elva Carrillo
01.04.2021, 08:41:04

I can't get enough of Doris and Maks, the writing is exceptional and very descriptive. I can imagine every interaction and every setting in this book to the smallest detail. I'm loving the romance between Doris and Maks, it's great how Doris can actually be herself around Maks with no judgement. This book is a must read and I'm sad it's nearing its end, I will miss Doris and Maks.

Jocelyn Black
02.04.2021, 04:51:05

Elva Carrillo, Thank you so much, Elva! You have just been the best reader in every way! It's this kind of feedback that keeps me motivated as a writer!

Jaz Hamiel
23.03.2021, 05:40:32

Girl This good! Lol I love Maks! I absolutely love Doris's snappy and quick wit! And the attention to detail! This, yet again is amazing! But then your stories always are!

Jocelyn Black
24.03.2021, 03:35:21

Jaz Hamiel, Thank you soooo much! You’re the best, as always! Looking forward to seeing your work on this platform!

20.02.2021, 19:00:32

Definitely a stand out!

Jocelyn Black
22.02.2021, 11:22:40

kpwrites, Thank you so much for the kind words!

Kathy Watkins
15.02.2021, 21:46:28

As a fan of paranormal fiction, I am loving this paranormal romance!! There is definitely chemistry between Doris and Maks. Waiting to see where it leads!

Jocelyn Black
18.02.2021, 14:59:19

Kathy Watkins, Thanks for reading and reviewing! There’s definitely more to come between Doris and Maks! Glad you are enjoying it so far!

Chibi Cazielle
18.02.2021, 11:03:27

This is wonderful! While I was reading it, I felt the same thing when I was reading Harry Potter books - well, I'm a sucker for these kinds of story. Though it doesn't have that broomstick and wand scenes, which maybe you'll include in the future, I can see Doris as a fully bloomed witch who can do a lot aside from using light magic, a woman like Hermoine in my mind. The way you wrote the story made me imagine what they were doing. I was able to imagine the places where she's been too, like her house and the black market. Anyway, I can't wait for Doris and Maks's love story to bloom! Keep writing and have fun as always!

Jocelyn Black
18.02.2021, 14:57:30

Chibi Cazielle, Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I’m glad that the writing gave a clear visual depiction of the character’s world! And Harry Potter is definitely high praise for the kid who waited in supermarket lines for the next book release haha! Doris definitely has a lot more magic up her sleeve, and I’m glad that’s hinted at. Thanks again for reading!

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