Book. "Rise of the Darkness" read online

Rise of the Darkness

Hira Baig

Story about:vampire, hybrid, humanmate

Age restriction: 18+

218 8554

#857 in Romantic fantasy
#195 in Romantic mystery

Complete 202 pages

Publication: 01.10.2020 — 25.11.2020

Description of book "Rise of the Darkness"

Calla was living a peaceful and happy live with her seven year old niece Sophie. Everything was perfect until one day Sophie vanished from the school yard and no one, not even the cops, could tell Calla what happened or even who took her.

Desperate for answers Calla gets a hint in a form of looking up someone from her past, a man that can tell the future. Together they will team up and save Sophie before it's too late.


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A Pamela Carlisle-Calix
18.04.2021, 10:29:02

I really loved this story now I need to reread the scarred Luna so I can understand it more but still have questions I think lol let you know after I reread it ok

Hira Baig
19.04.2021, 10:16:50

A Pamela Carlisle-Calix, oh! thank you:)

Valerie Sax
04.02.2021, 18:27:04

Congratulations dear ....

Hira Baig
04.02.2021, 18:27:46

Author Valerie, Thank you so much ?

14.01.2021, 07:36:37

Wonderful story u r an amazing writer

Hira Baig
14.01.2021, 10:30:11

KAVITA JAIN, aww.. thank you so much. you can read more of my stories on booknet. I hope you'll like them too

Shikha Nagpal
10.01.2021, 16:44:55

Beautiful story....
full of suspense ...

Hira Baig
10.01.2021, 18:40:34

Shikha Nagpal, thank you so much:)

Akshara Singh
08.01.2021, 05:14:05

I really love your story! I will really like to read about Adam and Anica. Plz...

Hira Baig
08.01.2021, 05:59:19

Akshara Singh, thank you so much. I am working on that story. I will soon release it. thank you. :)

Kriti Jindal
19.12.2020, 14:55:01

yes.. do post the story.

Hira Baig
19.12.2020, 14:58:18

Kriti Jindal, I am working on it. soon it will be out

Helen Hcf
08.11.2020, 14:59:08

Luv your story...very nice love story with lots of lesson...
Please update it....more please....

Hira Baig
08.11.2020, 16:58:03

Helen Hcf, aww... thank you so much. I update it daily:)

Musa Kampamba
27.10.2020, 23:13:59

Nice and intense

Hira Baig
27.10.2020, 23:39:41

Musa Kampamba, thank you

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