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Rise of the Queen

Shana G

Story about:
werewolf, vampire, paranormal romance


130 8 1060

#115 in Romance
#11 in Fantasy

Ongoing: 10 Jul 60 pages

Publication: 26.06.2020 — ...

Description of book "Rise of the Queen"

Alexa, a normal human girl, all her life she had mocked supernatural stories and now on her 21st birthday her life takes a 180 degrees turn, thrown into the chaos among vampires, werewolves and a legend, the queen who rules them all... What'll happen when she discovers her true identity? Will she be able to save her loved ones or lose herself to power?

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Amarachi 01.07.2020, 14:19:25

I love this! Very intriguing!! Looking forward to daily updates...

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Shana G 01.07.2020, 17:12:54

Amarachi, Thank you so much :) Means a lot ❤️❤️

Paxina Kangwa 28.06.2020, 20:26:24

very interesting I love your book

The last comment in the thread:

Shana G 29.06.2020, 05:14:20

Paxina Kangwa, Thank you for your support ❤️❤️

Ryo Francis 27.06.2020, 19:48:59

(1). Read them all in one sitting — i like that it's fast-paced and easy to read
(2). Your book cover is so cool
(3). Description — i think u meant 180 degrees
(4). Thanks for the fun read — i enjoyed it :)

The last comment in the thread:

Shana G 28.06.2020, 18:56:58

Ryo Francis, Thank you so much :) glad to know you enjoyed it ☺️☺️

Krystal 26.06.2020, 15:25:31

please continue

The last comment in the thread:

Shana G 26.06.2020, 17:01:59

Krystal, Hi, thank you for the follow. I’ll be updating on daily basis :)

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