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Ongoing: 15 May 159 pages

Publication: 06.01.2022 — ...

Description of book "Saddle Up"

Aston Reid is a true Cowboy that gave up his life in the City to live his childhood dream. With a rather bad reputation on his side, this billionaire bad boy loves to stride down the streets of the town that loves to hate him.

Riley Connor is an aspiring lawyer from the City. She was born into one of the wealthiest families in town. Never feeling that she belongs, she has been shunned all her life. She, too, desires to give up the City life to follow her childhood dreams.

Aston and Riley’s paths cross as she is forced to return home for the holiday season. He is soon labeled a low-life Cowboy and is forbidden to see Riley. Their lives are riddled with secrets and pain.

Can Aston prove he is the right fit for Riley?

Will this Cowboy ride off into the sunset with the woman he loves?


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Esther Ivory
13.04.2022, 00:13:00

keep updating
loved it

Esther Ivory
06.04.2022, 13:39:19

pls update .....since Catalina's truth is out I also want Aston truth to be out too

Esther Ivory
11.03.2022, 16:45:17

what's taking long pls update

Esther Ivory
22.02.2022, 11:08:30

pls keep updating....... can't wait to know when the Conners and Raymond will get to know that Aston is a billionaire

Esther Ivory
29.01.2022, 18:38:38

pls update

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