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She Was Always Mine


Story about:
two teenagers with hidden feelings


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Description of book "She Was Always Mine"

Two students who are known to be the most mischievous students of their school, who are well known for their fights with each other, pranking each other or teasing each other that is until fifth standard when one of the student leaves.

After six years they meet again, he has changed, she has changed, has their hatred for each other changed?

Or will new feelings start blooming when they realize they attend the same college, will his friends become hers? Or hers his?

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Adhya Mehta 25.07.2020, 15:56:41

when will the book be updated??

Diivyaa Joshi 19.07.2020, 19:35:17

Hey its Sunday already and when will the new update be published?I'm eagerly waiting to read the next part.

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Diivyaa Joshi 22.07.2020, 12:53:18

Pheonix, Yes and I got it. Thanks

bhavya tripathi 21.07.2020, 15:52:07

heyyy waiting for the new upload

Adhya Mehta 18.07.2020, 11:29:44

when will you update the book??!!

farhanatu abubakar 12.07.2020, 15:18:48

fantastic!! I love it good job pls update soon.

The last comment in the thread:

Pheonix 12.07.2020, 20:48:51

farhanatu abubakar, Thank you :)

Jodu Chandrakala 12.07.2020, 12:30:40

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Favour Destiny 08.07.2020, 09:01:23

Wow I love d story and is very interesting pls continue

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Pheonix 08.07.2020, 20:29:34

Favour Destiny, Thank you so much :)

Sandhya Bandaru 05.07.2020, 09:39:44

it's sadda haq drama names it's awesome

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Pheonix 05.07.2020, 10:26:24

Sandhya Bandaru, YES! it is :)

Jodu Chandrakala 03.07.2020, 08:36:59

It's interesting and funny. Pls update ASAP

The last comment in the thread:

Pheonix 03.07.2020, 20:36:03

Jodu Chandrakala, Each sunday,new update

Nikita Kumari 02.07.2020, 10:21:52

When will you next update already looking forward to read more

The last comment in the thread:

Pheonix 03.07.2020, 20:35:47

Nikita Kumari, Yes, from now on new update will be on every next sunday

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