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Silent Smile


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#82 in Romantic suspense
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Ongoing: 28 Oct 14 pages

Publication: 08.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Silent Smile"

It's her 27th birthday. This is the 15th time she has to celebrate it in the dark with pains and regrets. Her parents are anxious. Her brother is confused as to what to do to bring her in the light. The maids are scared to knock on her door. They all fear her wrath.
The morning sun shines as if it's scared to light her world. She is going crazy . Her family's attitude is not the cause of her madness, neither is it the scared maids who are even scared to make a movement nor the bird chirping noisily on her windowsill. It's about that day, the incident still fresh in her memory. The day that hunts her on her birthdays. The day she wish she wasn't born. The day that she starts to smile silently.
But this birthday is different. She received a letter and it made a difference.
Her smile was scar

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