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Book. "Sleeping Prince" read online
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#2756 in Romance
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Publication: 02.08.2022 — 25.10.2022

Description of book "Sleeping Prince"

Set in the deep future, Gage is a pilot transporting models for hire between the Jovian moons. The girls are sold for a year or two doing everything required of them in their contracts. Gage is a sold man himself, having sold himself to Sleeping Beauty Inc. until he turns 30, but that might be a while as he spends 26 days out of 30 asleep on his ship. That is until one of the models he transports, Iona, has a contract for him. Looking over the contract, he can't believe his eyes. She can't really mean to buy him!


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Ihlam Khan
05.11.2022, 05:06:09

I finished reading this but I am curious to know what happens to the others like benediction , leviticus and so on ...
I forgot some of the names lol
Make it a series it would be so fun reading all the brother's stories and in the end them getting along

Stephanie Van Orman
05.11.2022, 05:37:06

Ihlam Khan, You're cute. It's already a series. Book 1 is 'Rose Red'. I'll think about adding further books. If a great idea hits me, I'll make a third book. I promise.

Ihlam Khan
01.11.2022, 11:13:14

Hey I just started this book and it is so awesome
I love your plotlines
Imma read all ur books cuz I love em
Your ideas are so unique and interesting

Stephanie Van Orman
01.11.2022, 18:22:17

Ihlam Khan, Excellent! I hope you have a great time! Tell your friends to come read too!

stephaniah julius
25.10.2022, 18:51:23

OMG.. I'm so in love with this book ehh.. hehehe, I just can't stop reading oo.. thanks dearest

Stephanie Van Orman
25.10.2022, 22:51:47

stephaniah julius, I'm glad. I hope you enjoy it to the end. :)

stephaniah julius
25.10.2022, 21:42:13

ohh girl!! u re so lit .. like dang I enjoy this novel so much and I love the ending
thank you dearest thumbs up.. good job

stephaniah julius
25.10.2022, 22:17:25

Stephanie Van Orman, you bet I am.. hahaha.. I love reading alot especially lovely novel like
I'm moving to next one already... winks I'll see you in your other books too

stephaniah julius
25.10.2022, 19:40:43

i just can't wait for the next chapter please.. I'm enjoying this novel Alot oo

Stephanie Van Orman
25.10.2022, 20:16:34

stephaniah julius, I'm really glad. I'll post that last chapter right now. I hope you like it!

Brilliant Jack
16.10.2022, 09:12:14

l am gonna have to say gage is smart , smarter than the word

Stephanie Van Orman
16.10.2022, 17:41:58

Brilliant Jack, Thank you! Smarter than what word?

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