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On Hold: 16 Sep 5 pages

Publication: 16.09.2020 — ...

Description of book "S.R.K"

Brazen, irreverent, and unforgiving, the unpredictable Navy SEALs deploy on classified missions worldwide. “Blue” decided as a young man that he wanted to join this elite military unit. The path through Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training is excruciating and has been shrouded in clandestine mystery. Discover what it means to “Ring Out” and “Get Wet” through the eyes of Blue the Black Fish, an actual day-by-day journal of BUD/S class 86.

The physical requirements are extreme, picture a fourteen-mile, soft sand beach run. Glimpse the mental skills required to master scuba diving, handle explosives, and perform reconnaissance. You will see the end result of a five-mile ocean swim where Blue's eyes are nearly swollen shut from fatigue


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