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Suffocated by Love


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Raised by a powerful father with wealth, Luciano finds himself in unfamiliar territory when a middle class woman steals his heart and teaches him how to be normal again something he forgot how to be because he was raised to have no emotions and to treat others like they were nothing. love turns into pain when the woman of his heart sees an opportunity oversees to chase her dreams and leave him behind like nothing ever transpired between the two of them. will things ever be the way he thought they would be in the end or will heartbreak take his life along with the woman he was planning to make his wife?

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Lorenzo 07.12.2020, 10:39:13

Greetings lovely readers, it's such an honour to be part of this awesome group of writers especially me being new to all of this. I would love to hear from you all that have taken precious time to read my chapters what you feel needs to be worked on or just express to me how the book makes you feel so far I'd really appreciate the feedback. Thank you all.

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