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Publication: 13.03.2021 — ...

Description of book "Taming The Beast "

Layla Willows is young beautiful naive girl who belongs to a Nikki Tribe. She is the daughter of the tribe's Chief. The tribe had a rule. The rules were stirctly followed by every member of the tribe. Layla always wanted to go beyond the boundaries but didn't knew where the forest would lead. One night Layla was asked by Morris to meet by the woods. The girl without having any thoughts agree to him. That night Layla found out that her boyfriend wasn't in love with her but he was with her for her body. To save her life from him she ran in the woods. There she met a wolf.
Darren was the alpha of his pack as his father retired. He had always hated the humans. One day he was having a run when he found Layla. What happens when he'll found out that his mate is the daughter of his enemy?.......


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