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Book. "Taming the beast" read online

Taming the beast

Marjory Bloom

Story about:possesive and dominance agegap, bilionair tamed by a young girl

Age restriction: 18+

190 5712

#245 in Billionaires
#128 in Romantic erotica

Complete 52 pages

Publication: 03.07.2022 — 22.08.2022

Description of book "Taming the beast"

Jackson or Jax for short is tall dark and handsome as hell, he is used to get what he wants and now he has his icy blue orbs set on Jennifer the only problem is...she loves already someone else!
Will he win her heart this time after the same thing had happend years ago to him aswell, falling for a girl already taken?
Can he trust his heart again and open it to her and wil she give him a chance? Even after knowing his best friend is a mafia King??

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Glincy Varghese
18.08.2022, 10:21:50

Nick is a bad news. let us wait and see.

Marjory Bloom
18.08.2022, 11:22:45

Glincy Varghese, for sure he is...
thanks for reading!!

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