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Temptation (jk × y/n )

Park Christian

Story about:jungkook, btsfanfic, fatedlove

Age restriction: 18+

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#19 in Fanfiction
#1347 in Romance

Ongoing: 28 Apr 162 pages

Publication: 19.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "Temptation (jk × y/n )"

You and Jungkook were in relationship but you left him on the anniversary.

But did you left him because you didn't love him? no it was because of the message you receive from other girl, who call herself Jungkook fiance.

while on the other hand Jungkook felt confused at your sudden disappearance. he search for you but to his vain. he felt betrayed.

after five years you both met each other.
But everything changed.

will you solve the misunderstanding and get together or will the fate bring change.


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zainah zahara priota
29.04.2022, 19:49:34

This story is great

Khadeeja Junaid
07.09.2021, 22:07:18


Chanchal Kumar Sarkar
26.03.2021, 20:32:19

I think author is not gonna update it's have been a week

Park Christian
01.04.2021, 09:49:15

Chanchal Kumar Sarkar, I am so sorry I was busy with my exams these past weeks
I will update

Chanchal Kumar Sarkar
19.03.2021, 17:57:57

Comment has been deleted

Nandini Singh
09.03.2021, 10:26:11

Author today only I have joined booknet and I am 18 but I am unable to read your book it's not opening because there is a disclaimer of mature content appearing but I am 18 so how can I read plzz help

Park Christian
10.03.2021, 14:55:40

Nandini Singh, I guess it because it's mature content....
I think if you want to read you have to change your birthday date like your 18 but instead make 19years.....

or I even uploaded in webnovel and Kongfu app... so you can install the app and read with the same title.

Nandini Singh
09.03.2021, 16:30:29

Author I am 18 above them why I can't read this book plz reply plz???

17.12.2020, 08:06:10

uuuu it's getting more interesting ❤️

17.12.2020, 07:56:23

wow it's so good and interesting ❤️

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