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Book. "The Enigmatic Warrior" read online

The Enigmatic Warrior


Story about:teenagers love and betrayal

Age restriction: 18+

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#369 in Contemporary fiction
#5494 in Romance

On Hold: 12 Feb 7 pages

Publication: 12.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Enigmatic Warrior"

•What happens when the trust is broken?

''The magical spell of euphoria is distorted and piercing pieces of betrayal unfurls making you bleed.''

"Addiction is fucking heart-wrenching!"
She stated taking a long drag of the cigarette which was held in between her lips. Then she blew out the smoke and jumped on the bonnet of the car.
"Put this away then!" He raised his finger towards the cigarette.
"Not this," she affirmed inhaling nicotine once again.
"It's addiction is helpful to drown all other horrifying addictions."
A pregnant pause engulfed them.
The only sound was the whispering of wind with the shedding leaves of trees.
The autumn had prevailed the green life likewise their souls were also shedding off its color, painfully. Agonizingly slow.
"I'm always here for you.


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