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The Final Return


Series: The Blazing Lights

Story about:lovers, love child, secrets revealed

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#280 in Contemporary Romance
#168 in Contemporary fiction

Ongoing: 17 Sep 22 pages

Publication: 29.01.2020 — ...

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Description of book "The Final Return"

Jessica has some explaining to do. Not only has she lied to her best friend, but she is lying to the father of their daughter. But it's not her fault that she fell in love with Calvin the day they met.

Jessica remembers that day like it was yesterday. Calvin's dark skin, sparkling smile, and beautiful eyes is something that haunts her dreams every night.

Jessica had told Christine that the father knew about Adamelia, but that was a lie.

Jessica had told Calvin that she doesn't love him, but that was also a lie.

Jessica has even told herself that she has moved on. That was a huge lie.

Wallowing in shame and guilt, Jessica has decided that it is her punishment. She was the one who created the web of lies in the first place.

Now she will do everything in her power to right her wrongs.

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Like the story as the begining is quite intresting...more updates please

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