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Publication: 30.12.2020 — 15.01.2021

Description of book "The Gangleader's Gem"

One unfortunate day while attending a school trip Shaneil was kidnapped and her whole life ripped from her hands. After being kidnapped Shaneil is raised by the villain himself, Giovanni. This man that tortured her mother and destroyed her life.

She learns how to survive their lifestyle, defend herself and she finds herself being the Gang leader's gem. His treasure, just like her mother was. She works for Giovanni alongside a dashing and egotistic Shavanni. Giovanni's son and heir, who she carries feelings for.

She fights her attraction to him but he worms his way into her heart. A teen romance blossoming in the heat of a political gang war.

Shania and Daniel haven’t stopped searching for her, their missing piece. They long to have their daughter in their arms once more.

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Funmilayo Olaoluwa 23.01.2021, 01:19:18

Wow! Wonderful author! I really enjoyed reading through. I noticed that this series is connected to the DSD series, especially the third book, Discipline. I can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Wonderful story ma'am! Keep it up

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Nia Shan 24.01.2021, 00:29:29

Funmilayo Olaoluwa, Thank you so much

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