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The Gangleader's Obsession

Nia Shan

Series: The Gangleader's Obsession

Story about:gangleader, betrayal heartbreak action, marriage drama

Age restriction: 18+

485 11539

#626 in Romantic erotica
#135 in Action fantasy

Complete 127 pages

Publication: 08.11.2020 — 26.11.2020

Description of book "The Gangleader's Obsession"

"I want you as my trophy."

"Where is now that you need him, princesa?"

Shania Jakes has been through a life of hardships and is looking for a haven. She chooses Brad Homes as that haven. He is the young, hot, brilliant and rich CEO of Homes Enterprises and GEM Co.

She thinks marrying him would be easy and they will have a boring life but soon finds Brad and boring just don’t go together.

Brad has his own demons that he’s running from and with one slip up… they come to hunt them both.

A power hungry Drug lord father-in-law, bent on slimming his way into Brad’s business.
Her torturer from hell, a criminal mastermind that will stop at nothing to obtain the focus of his obsession.

This isn’t what she signed up for at all.


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Olanma Okporie
24.03.2021, 18:38:42

Author Dear nice story.
What is the title of the book2 of this story

Nia Shan
25.03.2021, 23:34:17

Olanma Okporie, Thank you so much. Book 2 is called The Gangleader's Gem.

02.12.2020, 09:10:18

Hi Nia, is there a second book? This can’t be the end....cheers

Nia Shan
03.12.2020, 18:27:36

Katerina Velanis, ...and I look forward to seeing you there.

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