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The Heirs of the Ancients

Olivia Gordon Reid

Story about:
magical warfare, magical world, prophecies


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Publication: 22.04.2020 — ...

Description of book "The Heirs of the Ancients "

Sixteen-year-old Emilia Parker is the other sister. The nerdy, bookish one who is seen as a loser and outcast by everyone. Her twin sister, Riley? Completely different. Popular, well-liked, and admired, Riley is loved by many and is always included.
Emilia hates reality. She wants to wish magic into existence and achieve great things. She wants to open a door to another world and be someone.
Her wish comes true.
Another realm is out there, full of vampires, witches, elves, and demons. Demons who want to destroy the realm and only have demons exist. Throw a prophecy into the mix, some supernatural hot boys, new magic powers, a war, and a dash of the impossible. Emilia and Riley are about to have the ride of their lives.

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