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The lost girl of a billionaire


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Lost! I lost myself because of you
To hell with you Ronnie. The karma is gonna hit you. Why wait for karma you just wait Ronnie I'm gonna make you kneel in front of me Just mark my words.....
From being angelic not so bothering about any one I decided to change my fate
Edward I can't be with you I'm not what you think..... And you are not what you are in front of me.
I don't want this to happen
My life has always played with me not once twice.
Babyy..... Listen to me why don't we get back he said holding me
And then crushed his lips to mine. I was totally aroused by the kiss I tried not to give in and pulled away
Just fuck off Edward I don't like liars and betrayers and you are no more than a fucking betrayer to me.
Will I ever be able to get true love in this life.....

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Sabina Zaidi 23.12.2020, 11:17:23

its really very interesting story....I love it.?..keep going babes?...keep writing such romantic stuff..its very interesting ❣️❤️

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