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Book. "The Moon Goddess and Her Mate" read online

The Moon Goddess and Her Mate

Priskila Wi

Story about:werewolf, first love, the moon goddess

Age restriction: 18+

6 35

#122 in Paranormal Romance
#605 in Fantasy

On Hold: 11 Sep 39 pages

Publication: 11.09.2022 — ...

Description of book "The Moon Goddess and Her Mate"

"No matter what happens to you, never marry a mortal, even if your life is at stake!"

"But why—"

“No buts! Just carry out my orders without arguing!”

Goddess Atvertha has been warned by her mother, Goddess Avtexia, to stay away from the mortal nation — a dirty, brutal, and murderous nation. The moon goddess just tried to obey, although inwardly she felt strange at the warning.

Goddess Atvertha's heart began to waver when she met a man who was dying in the forest. She, who has never known love, now feels a strange flutter in her heart.

What about the fate of the Moon Goddess after that encounter? Who is that stranger man and what will happen to the two of them?

*** Weekly update ***

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Leah Millicent
11.09.2022, 23:27:39

so far I enjoy read this book and i like it

Priskila Wi
12.09.2022, 02:51:03

Leah Millicent, Thank you for your support!

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