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The Moon We Both Share


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teen romance, vampires and werewolves, society vs self


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It's easy being a monster among humans, so long as no one knows what kind of monster you can be. Alec Cross was a vampire living among the same humans he had been raised to avoid. A generation of proof that monsters can be integrated into a world not meant for them. Suppressing the need for blood was far easier when he could avoid it. Keep his head low and mouth shut, that was what he needed to do. Alec had no intention of bringing attention to himself, unlike his older and popular brother, Liam. But it seems Alec has no choice but to get involved when he meets Selene Briar, the distant girl in the class above him. It was the night of the full moon, the perfect time for monsters to come out and play.

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Joscelyn R. Green 30.05.2020, 08:40:52

The story starts off quite good, although I do feel Izzy's reaction was somewhat muted compared to what one would expect just finding out about a sibling's sudden death.
I like Alec as a character, a vampire who has to deal with teenage angst and drama is not something usually done and I find it quite interesting that he isn't exuding confidence about his natural vampiric allure.
There were some minor spelling amd gramatical errors, but nothing that can't be fixed in a quick edit.
All in all, the first few chapters are written well and are quite captivating.

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SavannahGeorgia 30.05.2020, 12:21:24

Yea, I feel that about Izzy. I’m talking it over with a friend to see what my better options would be. We both like the scene but ya know, a little off. Hopefully I can fix it sooner rather than later. Otherwise, thank you very much! I really appreciate the feedback ❤️

Izukanji Mwelwa 29.05.2020, 14:43:59

what will happen to Alec

Cherine Olivier 28.05.2020, 20:51:23

So far I really like it but shouldn't she be more destroyed by his death?

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SavannahGeorgia 28.05.2020, 22:30:23

I’ve gotten that a few times and even I’m not wholly satisfied with her reaction. I based it off my friend’s real-life response to the death of their father, but in the context of the story it is a little off. I’ll edit it once I finish the book as a whole so I can see how that first chapter fits into everything again. But yea, I definitely get where you’re coming from.

AnnaRCase 26.05.2020, 16:22:02

ok, so Selene has feelings for Liam but she is not sure exactly where they are. Girl just used that boy haha. Not that Liam was complaining or unwilling. But Selene just slept with him to try and keep him from straying towards her sister and so Selene wouldn't be alone. She should have sorted out her true feelings for Liam before she slept with him. Now she has just complicated things, and is possible misleading Liam. He may have the wrong impression and think she feels the same way he does. So when and if they break up, and she decides not to go with him, it will a whole lot harder on the both of them. Honestly, them hooking up would have probably been better if neither of the actually had feelings for each other, less messy and damaging that way if things go south.

AnnaRCase 25.05.2020, 00:27:13

Oh just wait until they figure it out they both like Selene! Dare I say a love triangle will happen in the future. It certainly will put the brothers at odds!

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AnnaRCase 25.05.2020, 13:51:59

SavannahGeorgia, well they do want folks to be more open minded technically...

AnnaRCase 21.05.2020, 14:30:25

And I've never heard mention of the brothers parents or family. Will this come up in the book somewhere?

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SavannahGeorgia 22.05.2020, 02:33:11

AnnaRCase, Alec already dropped a small hint concerning their parents during the first big argument. "Even our parents only ever wanted you." In the next chapter, not yet posted, Liam will be the one dropping hints about their home life. I won't go into details until later down the line, but I do want to hint that both brothers were not satisfied and the academy was a welcomed escape despite the exposure to more discrimination. Liam was the favorite, but he hated being home. Alec's hatred will eventually lead into figuring out how he developed a fear of "being contained" or confined into a small area.

AnnaRCase 21.05.2020, 14:28:41

So maybe Liam is not so selfish as assumed. Dare I say the better brother after all? But Alec just proved he's human, ha well you know what I mean. But he maybe onto a dangerous way of thinking which could lead him down a dark path by trying consensual donors. How long before he would be out of control and just taking it regardless of the consequences or who he hurts? He would become an addict.
And I sense bad blood between Lucas and the brothers is only just beginning. It will escalate and Lucas will be the villain of this story, by his need to show the world he's a better vampire at any costs, he will essentially become what the world already perceives Vampires to be.

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SavannahGeorgia 22.05.2020, 02:24:36

AnnaRCase, Unfortunately, Lucas was more or less my plot device to show the other side of being a vampire. Consensual blood donations, laws surrounding those kinds of acts, another way vampires cope with not being allowed to drink blood anymore, showing off Liam's possessive nature when it comes to attention and "being the best", and to force Alec to show the extent of what he is willing to do when faced with self-loathing and guilt. I currently have no more plans for Lucas BUT that does not mean he's gone for good.

Olivia Gordon Reid 20.05.2020, 02:37:11

This is an amazing story. It's well-written, the characters are believable, and the dialogue flows naturally. It's exciting and interesting, with just a touch of mystery. Please continue. I have never read something like this ever in my life, and that is a good thing. Saying I liked it is an understatement. You are very talented and deserve recognition.

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SavannahGeorgia 20.05.2020, 11:04:29

Olivia Gordon Reid, Thank you very much! I love seeing the response from my readers. Once one of the goals are met, I will post the next chapter. If you wanna help me out, I'd love to see a like or repost or letting your friends know I exist. Thank you again so much!

AnnaRCase 16.05.2020, 23:58:26

Two brothers both thinking they know what's best for each other, but don't know each other as well as they think. Liam trying to protect Alec and make his life easier, but his motives are also a bit selfish as he likes the attention. Alec tired of living in Liam's shadow, but not really wanting all the responsibilities that come with being noticed and putting on a good show.

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AnnaRCase 19.05.2020, 17:43:34

Selene will be an interesting addition. Maybe a bit of a sibling rivalry. It's clear Liam has feelings for her as well and she is fond of both brothers. It also shows another side of Liam, that he confides, respects, and trusts Selene with his secrets. It could also spell some social suicide for Liam if he is seen being friends with the Outcast. I'm wondering if he will try and help her image like he did with his brother or if Selene is resistant to Liam trying to help her rep. She probably just wants to be left alone and invisible. So being friends with Liam is also a risk for her, it threatens that.

AnnaRCase 16.05.2020, 23:55:34

I'm just waiting for Liam to snap. He's hanging on by a thread.

AnnaRCase 12.05.2020, 00:36:22

Sucker. Pun intended? ;)

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SavannahGeorgia 12.05.2020, 02:49:48

AnnaRCase, I'm so out of it that I didn't even notice XD. Oh lord, I am a mess. This quarantine is messing with my head, I swear.

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