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#14 in Urban fantasy
#1503 in Romance

On Hold: 11 May 27 pages

Publication: 09.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Other, Me"

Sanita shook her head in defeat and turned to look at the wide-eyed Laski then at the crowd whose whispers had turned into loud talking.
“I have to get out of here now. I have humiliated myself enough for one night.” She thought as she took the mic and in a hoarse voice apologized to her audience. Without sparing Laski a glance, she dropped the mic and took off at a run ignoring his call for her to stop and wait.
“How can I stop? He clearly did not see whomever I was talking to, I mean, I did not, how could he have? On the other hand, did he hear her too? I don’t think so, because then he wouldn’t have asked whom I was talking too.” Frustrated like never before, she took off her shoes and without a single look back, Sanita ran, faster than she had thought possible. Something was off.


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