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The Rightful Queen

Hiraya Cross

Story about:prince, rebirth, wise lady

2 116

#400 in Romantic fantasy
#3306 in Romance

Sample 9 pages

Publication: 20.05.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Rightful Queen"

Samuel’s father, the reigning King, sought a Seer to tell the prince’s fate. The king was sickly and would soon be laid to rest, but before he passes the crown to his son, he would like to be assured that he would do well.
Prince Samuel’s fate was told and it pleased the King. They both believed what the Seer said. Samuel lived by it and yet… how did everything end up in a mess? Where did he go wrong? Did the Seer lie? He vowed to get his revenge someday.
When he woke up, it was a week before his coronation. The day they went to talk to the Seer.
“You chose wrongly, my prince.” The Seer stated.
“The rightful Queen still awaits. This time, you must choose her. Remember everything else I said.”


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