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Book. "The Time-turner" read online

The Time-turner

Liz Aguilar

Story about:fanfiction, harry potter, dramione

Age restriction: 18+

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#53 in Movies Fanfiction
#459 in New Adult & College

On Hold: 24 May 197 pages

Publication: 29.01.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Time-turner"

Six months after Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, the wizarding world was trying to recover and start anew. Then, someone decided to turn back time and change history where Harry Potter was reduced to nothing more than a myth. Strangely, only Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, mortal enemies at best, were unaffected by the sudden time shift. They knew the truth, but with old alliances gone, who will believe them? Chaos was threatening to break loose and only their knowledge of the "past" can save their world. With no one else to trust, the two are forced to rely on each other for survival. And with that a new bond forms between the two, a bond that even time cannot break.


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03.05.2021, 17:03:33

Please try to explain some questions as to give us some clarity on the bigger picture. Your way of writing is absolutely beautiful. It felt like I really was reading a sequel to the HP series and I had to remind myself that this is actually a fanfiction. Can't wait for next update

06.05.2021, 22:52:58

BbCherrytomato, I got it. I don't want any spoilers either ;) . I will be happy to stick with it no matter how long it takes because its HP after all.

I also have a wonderful HP plot that could make a different but great story. Do you want to discuss it? Cuz I don't know how to write.
p. s my version has a thrilling new Character. And its also ok if you don't cuz I know working on the same story twice isn't easy. Love you anyway. stay safe

Tami Prince
06.05.2021, 09:38:03

Great start here!

Liz Aguilar
06.05.2021, 17:58:24

Tami Prince, Thanks! Hope you enjoy the rest.

Tami Prince
06.05.2021, 09:46:31

I really love the inner angst going on here with Hermione and Draco. I can't wait to see where it goes.

03.05.2021, 17:01:06

I absolutely love dramione. But still, the alternate reality after the use of time turner is a bit confusing. The war happened because Harry Potter exiated. if he didn't exist then the war didn't happen and it would mean that Dumbledore should still be alive. and so should many other people such as Tonks, Lupin etc. and what is it about the Dumbledore's army? How do they know when harry never formed it? how does neville know about the order of the pheonix without harry telling him?

last but not the least Where is Dumbledore? why isn't he the headmaster as he should be.

Liz Aguilar
03.05.2021, 18:41:49

Naz, Thank you for choosing to read my fanfic. Please be patient as all of your questions will be answered eventually. This is a really, really long fanfic. Remember, this is an alternate timeline. Lots of things are different here.

06.03.2021, 21:18:42

bruh the only book i wanna read on this website has to be 18+ :)))))))))))))))))

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