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Book. "The Twist" read online

The Twist


Story about:humorous, vintage love, shortstory

Age restriction: 18+

23 142

#14 in Humor
#51 in Short stories

Complete 26 pages

Publication: 03.08.2022 — 03.08.2022

Description of book "The Twist"

La vie en rose, with a Twist Of Fate! Some dreams...few unhealthy flash-back ...will poison the heart black. Lasting bonds...teasing slicing his a strange romance. For a heart that wanders daily perceives love so suddenly in a twisted way!


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Dorsona Basum
05.02.2023, 10:48:43

I felt so light ad refresh after reading ...
I'm happy that I came across ,
keep it up dear ...

05.02.2023, 11:12:15

Dorsona Basum, Thank you, honey! Happy to know that my work got your love

Mira Matic
20.10.2022, 23:26:40

You have such a unique way with words to pull the reader into the story and make him feel like he was living it. Someone told me recently that modern readers love dialogue and action. Still, after I dived into your story, it reminded me how the narrative could gift us with emotion. And emotion is the reason we read.
All the best, and I will keep reading your stories.

21.10.2022, 07:00:51

Mira Matic, Hello, love... I'm so blessed to have a reader like you... Thank you for crossing by, your honesty just made my day! I'm certain to remember you till my hand pen down my storyline...
( A huge hug from afar!!! )

Godiva Gilbert
25.08.2022, 07:46:42

Amazing story!

25.08.2022, 07:56:48

Godiva Gilbert, Thank you Once again. Your words means a lot to me! Sure I'll do more :D

Vina Arie
25.08.2022, 05:48:04

I've put this book in my library and give stars. I'll get back to this book when I'm better. Just had covid till last week so I'm still recovering, even my book is also in hiatus I can't update at the moment. Hope you're always healthy

25.08.2022, 06:51:16

Vina Arie, Omg, Don't worry you will be healthy and have a great journey in your life...
Have a great days ahead with peaceful life.
Wishes from Somvanshiya:D

Zelda Blair
24.08.2022, 20:24:06

Good plot, keep going,

24.08.2022, 20:33:46

Zelda Blair, Thank you Once again. Your words means a lot to me! Sure I'll do more :D

03.08.2022, 16:30:42

had passed a quiet time since I read a children's book! thank you dear for this masterpiece!

03.08.2022, 17:06:51

Heartfixer, Thank you, for your lovely comment. And hey! I'm doing a binge of Children's stories. Hope you love them all.
Thanking you, once again, Sweety

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