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The Unexpected

Kylla Rose

Story about:doctor, bdsm romance erotic, exboyfriend

Age restriction: 18+

62 379

#465 in Romantic erotica
#73 in BDSM

On Hold: 19 Feb 12 pages

Publication: 03.02.2021 — ...

Description of book "The Unexpected"

Her. Graceful, self-motivated, empathetic plastic surgeon, who wants to get back into the scene, revisits some night-time play after an unwholesome relationship and abstaining for two years.

Him. Bold, masterful, self-spirited activist with a Ph.D., has a passion for healing those in need around the world. And one he just met.

To submit and not fall in love will be challenging when she meets Him.

Ex. Determined, a sense of self-worth follows in his father's footsteps plastic surgeon, realizes he lost a good one, and wants her back.


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